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Live Entertainment

1880 TOWN has Live Shows!

Jeff Kline on the Piano

Born in 1944, Jeff Kline has been playing the piano since age five. At 12, he turned professional, playing the piano for a country-and-western band. While in high school in California, he played for a while with some of his classmates who had formed a singing group called The Beach Boys! He has also played at Knotts Berry Farm and at Disneyland in California. One of his first professional jobs was playing at a theater showing silent movies. He prefers to play in a small setting, like a restaurant or night spot. I like being able to talk with the audience, to capture them with my playing, he says.

Surprisingly, Jeff does not read music. All he needs to do is listen to a tune and his fingers, almost by magic, pick out the right keys…and presto!..another song in his book. Along with playing he also composes. His latest works reflect his love affair with his Florida setting. One tune is called Avon Park Polka; the other, Jacaranda Rag. He soon plans on publishing and selling a CD made up of his original tunes. He also markets six other CDs, all made up of old favorites. Each contains from 20 to 36 songs.

In 2007, his life took a new glow when he married Cynthia. She is now a key part of the business end of things. She takes care of everything but the playing. So, between Cynthia and his music, life is a high for Jeff. About his wife, he says, My dreams came true when I married Cynthia. About his music, he says, I like to play so much, I have to say I’ve never worked a day in my life.

* Live shows available during peak season of June-August. Subject to change.