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These are some of the many comments and compliments we receive from those who have visited 1880 town.

Traveling Hwy 90 headed for the Badlands, I came upon this town. Never hearing of it, but wary from driving I stopped with my 9 yr. old grandson to visit and rest. This town was awesome, we were there for hours. Anyone traveling out west should stop and take in the town, it has something for the old and young. If we ever go west again, I will stop again, putting it as a must see of travel plans. I rate the town up there with the badlands, devil tower and Wall Drug. – Sherry W., May 2016

My husband and I enjoyed the town so much. We loved all the artifacts and the fact that we could actually go into many of the buildings. The carriage ride was very enjoyable and entertaining. Loved the train restaurant. – Char, September 2015

My brother and I were on our way to Rapid city to visit our other brother who was stationed there in the Air Force. We stopped for gas and saw the western town and found it interesting so we went in. The round barn the old western buildings in the town just made us realize how far we have come in generations and the way life was back then. We have been back several times over the years on our way to Sturgis a nice break to unwind from the road. I check this site every so often and see a lot has been added over the years. We plan a trip in 2015 and will defiantly stop there to see the added attractions. Good luck and great job of keeping the old west alive. – Brian & Val, October 2014

Such a great collection of treasures! You really get the feel of how hard life was in that period. Thank you for the experience! Loved the cats too! – Jenni, September 2014

Thank you so much for an excellent time today. We didn’t plan on stopping but at the last minute, we pulled off the freeway and stayed for a spell to take in your 1880’s town. I have three children; two boys 8 and 10 and a daughter who is 13. The boys couldn’t wait to dress up. Once they did that town was in trouble. They ran around shooting up the place, pretending to do a bank heist, a train robbery, kidnap (or just shoot, I’m not sure) the mayor and their coup de gras, they robbed the saloon and got a bag of gold! They were thrilled. We ended up spending over two hours there and easily could have spent two more. What fun! We will definitely spend more time there the next time we are in the neighborhood. – The Leek Clan, July 2014

I visited back in September of this year and had a great time. Time escaped me while I was exploring the buildings and talking to some of the people working there. That’s how much fun it was to visit. I love the flare of the old west and 1880’s town brings it to life. When I entered the town thru the barn door, I seriously felt like I stepped thru a time portal. I no longer noticed I-90 being right next to it. It was amazing. The McNasty Brothers were great. I recommend to all to visit there if they are heading out that way. Well worth the visit. Hope this place remains for generations to come. – Chad, September 2013

My husband and I came to the 1880 town on our way back from the Black Hills in the middle of Aug. this year. We rented costumes and had the most fun we’ve ever had!!!!! We took so many pictures. Renting costumes was a fabulous idea. And so reasonable. What a great idea. We love the town! It was just like being in the old west for real. We’d love to come back every year. Thank so for all your effort in this attraction. It’s the BEST. – Sherry & Larry, August 2013

My husband and I stopped by in 2009 on our way home from our school Alumni Banquet in Iowa. As we stepped off the train and onto the brick walk in front of the old railroad station, I happened to notice that the bricks used were stamped “HOLMAN”. Well, you can imagine my excitement when I realized that the bricks were made in our hometown of Sergeant Bluff, Iowa !!!!! I took pictures (but a rainstorm was brewing and we were at the end of our long-much-enjoyed touring of the town)…..so we didn’t tarry too long on our way back to our car. I just now ran across the brochure that I’d saved from your town and thought you might enjoy hearing of our little journey thru history that reached clear back to our own hometown in Iowa. I’m going to copy the picture I took of my husband on the walk….also pictures that I’d taken in our town museum that gives a few old pictures of the brickyard where they were made. I’ll send the pictures under a separate email. I hope that someday I can make another trip with my grandchildren so they can enjoy seeing some of the many, many wonderful sights in your town. It’s beautifully layed out and I regretted that we weren’t able to spend several days just browsing thru it again. Back in 2009 we were “road-weary” travelers headed back home. – DS, Phoenix, AZ, June 2013

A few years ago our family (including six children ages 5-15) were heading across SD from the Corn Palace to the Black Hills, and came across the 1880 Town Train Diner. We stopped to have lunch in the diner (which was very cool), then wandered back into the 1880’s town. We ended up spending the entire afternoon there having the best time of our lives. The costumes were phenomenal (and the rental was phenomenally PRICED) and we had a blast running all over 1880’s town taking pictures of shootouts in the street, card games in the saloon, kids in the jail, etc. It was something our kids (now 13-20) still talk about and we all enjoy the pictures which are the highlight of our SD trip scrapbook. 1880’s Town is a not-to-be-missed attraction of SD! – SU, Jun 2013

We stopped in during a 2009 visit and are planning to do so again in ’11. Our unscheduled stop to your town was a favorite with our kids. Grandma is coming along for our next visit too. See you in July! – AK, Manitoba, Canada, Dec 2010

The highway signs for 1880 Town piqued our interest so we decided to stop. We were very glad we did. We really enjoyed it. My niece is enrolled in a Masters of Museum Studies through John Hopkins University and found the museum portion quite fascinating. We were both impressed with the restoration of the town buildings themselves. It was truly like stepping back in time. And the staff was very friendly and helpful! – LS, MN, Sept 2010

I’ve stopped there with my kids twice, 2007 and now, they love it and want to go back. They love the town and the costumes. Everyone that works there is so nice and genuine – it reminds me of being at church coffee hour :). Your costumes are so good a fellow tourist was taking our pictures thinking we worked there :). I’m sure we’ll be back. Thanks again. – Joe, St. Paul MN, Sept 2010

We just returned from our Black Hills vacation and one of the major highlites was 1880 Town. I hope we can make it out there again. I have been telling everybody about our Black Hills experience and have HIGHLY recommended to everyone to most definitely make it a point to stop in and visit 1880 Town! – RB, July 2010

We can’t say enough good things about our visit to 1880’s Town early this month. The entire experience was a highlight of our trip to the Mountain states. The exhibits and displays were amazing, and the people were friendly and knowledgeable. Lunch at the Diner was the best lunch we had on our entire trip with that Homemade Touch by Dan. Allowing the dogs to visit the Town was a big bonus! To be sure, your “Town” will be highly recommended to anyone we know who is taking I-90. – B & G, Chambersburg, PA, June 2010

My wife and I wanted to let you know, that not only did we enjoy the town, but our kids loved it as well. My son who is in the attached photos was been shooting “bad guys” ever since we got back. A kudos to everyone envolved with the operation. You run a fine establishment with top notch hospitality. The young lady running costume rental was EXTREMELY patient with our children. I have only 1 regret, I didn’t get to have a refreshment, since we were so busy enjoying the show. Thank you VERY much! Establishments like yours are the foundations for ROAD TRIPS! – TB, July, 2009

My husband and I were just at your 1880 Town on Monday, Sept. 21, 2009. Your staff was wonderful. They were very sweet and made us feel welcome. Really neat people! My husband and I had been to your web page and knew about the costume rental so once in, we proceeded to the saloon to pick out my costume. We were greeted by two gentlemen who were very nice and then we met Lois! She made me feel like a real southern belle and helped convince my husband to dress up in chaps, vest & boots. We ate lunch at the saloon and took pictures. It was great! – J & S, Illinois, Sept 2009

Howdy! From the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I just wanted to say thanks for such a fun time, my friend and I had. We were heading back home and we had planned to stop and see the 1880 town. What I wasn’t expecting was how authentic it felt and the hospitality that came with it. I absolutely loved the costume rental and thoroughly enjoyed traipsing through town in that gown. 🙂 I love historical fiction so I felt like I was in one of the books I have read. 🙂 – SA, Michigan, Aug 2009

What a GREAT time we had visiting the 1880’s town. Everyone is so friendly and the town itself is so educational as well as engaging. It should be a must see for anyone traveling to or through South Dakota. Renting costumes and being part of the town for the afternoon was a highlight. My family and I loved it so much we wished we lived closer so we could work there. If you ever decide to sell it drop us an email, it would be an awesome retirement project! My husband and I couldn’t stop talking about the possibilities! Again, thank you for a super time. – LB, July 2009

Went to 1880 town on the memorial weekend. It was the best part of my trip to South Dakota. I am from Brazil and I sent my pictures that my husband and I were in costumes. My family just talked about the 1880 town and not at all about Mount rushmore or Crazy horse or even the bears by our car at Bear country. We are planning their trip from Brazil to South Dakota just because of this place. I LOVED IT!! – TV, Brazil, May 2009

It was far more interactive and unstructured than I had imagined. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. The church really evoked emotion in me! The music is lovely. And I also enjoyed resting in the Saloon. – NB, Wall Drug, South Dakota, May 2009

We came through in 06 and stopped about 2 hours and rented your costumes. Planning on coming back in July with 12 people. Was one of the most fun afternoons we’ve had. – SD, Kentucky, 2009

Just dropping you a note about our recent visit there that we really enjoyed! There is a lot to see there and we spent at least 4-5 hours going through everything we could. Thanks again! – J & P

Thank you for preserving and adding to history, at South Dakota’s Original 1880 Town. – LH, Kansas

My brother and I went out to S.Dakota in 1990-1991 and 1995. On every trip we made sure to stop by and walk around your town. It was really a nice break from day to day life of today. I plan on a trip next year and will bring my family and one of the stops will be the 1880 town. I would like to show my children what they will be seeing and so they can do a little research on how life was back in the 1880s. Thanks for a great place to visit and I look forward to seeing it again. – BB, Massachusetts

I was sitting here looking over some of my pictures from the trip my husband and I took last year. We drove from Kentucky to Montana and on our way we stopped in your town. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the opportunity to see history come alive. I have always been a huge history buff, and I love artifacts of that particular era. I never did see the ghost in the hotel, but according to the bartender, he was around quiet often. I loved the sassperella. Thank you again for such hospitality and for keeping such a piece of history alive for this generation to be able to enjoy. – MW, Kentucky

I wanted to make sure you tell the ladies in the costume rental that they were awesome. Very friendly and helpful and patient. We got great pictures and had loads of fun. Well worth the money. I would do it again! – P, J & M, WI

I just wanted to let you know how awesome it was to step back in time and see the painstaking attempt you have made to bring such a vibrant part of American history come to life in the 1880 Town. Not only were the props from “Dances With Wolves” simply astounding, but the attention to detail on all the other exhibits was a treat to see. This was one of my highlights on my western journey. Many people (Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern) could learn much about our rich history by visiting the 1880 Town! – J, NC