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Dances With Wolves

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Dances with Wolves is an epic film from 1990 that tells the story of Lieutenant John Dunbar (played by Kevin Costner), a Union Army soldier during the American Civil War. After an act of bravery, he chooses a remote frontier outpost as his next assignment.

There, he encounters a group of Lakota Sioux Native Americans. Through a series of events, Dunbar is eventually accepted into the tribe and even earns the Lakota name “Dances with Wolves.” 

The movie was filmed on location in South Dakota, but primarily in the western part of the state near the Black Hills.


Dances with Wolves Props at 1880 Town

Among the many props from the Dances with Wolves movie set are a sod house and tent and Timmons Freight wagons. 

These props were used in the movie and give visitors a glimpse into the look and feel of the Lakota Sioux encampment that was portrayed in the film.

“Buck” (Cisco), one of the horses ridden in the movie, lived at 1880 TOWN until he passed away in 2008 at the age of 33. There is a memorial for him at his burial place in the 1880 TOWN.

Come step back in time!

Man wearing western ware playing the piano during Buckaroo Revue live entertainment show at 1880 Town
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